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The Only Mind Spa in Indonesia

(Est. 2004)
L’Ayurveda, unlike other spas, does not pamper you, but energizes your body, nourishes your mind, and rejuvenates your soul. All the therapies have been practiced for the last two millennia. We are tackling all your problems from the very root.

We Serve to Transform Your Life

All therapies and techniques in L’Ayurveda are tailor-made and adapted towards the needs of the local climate and tradition. The main purpose of L’Ayurveda are to preserve the health of an individual and to heal the sick. Our aim is to give attention towards the mind, body and soul.

Healing & Beauty Treatments


Energy Healing Therapies

Special Therapies



Public & Corporate Workshops

Distant Healing (New)


Stress Detox

A yogic dynamic cleansing technique to free you from anxiety, mental/emotional burdens, and restlessness. After that you will have a full body ayurvedic message using special oil suiting your body constitution and steam as the last touch to give you total relaxation and stress detoxification experience.
Yoga Therapies

Ananda’s Neo Kundalini Yoga

A yoga package to help you balance the chakras or energy centers. A complete practice of asana, pranayama, sound vibration and affirmation, this package will help awaken your Kundalini, your inherent potential.

Past Life Regression

An interesting journey to explore your past life and help you release those burdening past.

Tarot Reading

Analyze yourself with the help of Tarot Cards. Consult your love life, businesses, and other specific issues.

What People are Saying

Deep Wisdom of Ma Archana

“Additionally I could book an appointment for a soul energy reading with Ma Archana, which helped me a lot in my current situation, where I felt kind of stuck on my path. Even if I already knew many things, the reading made me feel things. I got to know a bigger picture of me and my purpose, embraced some aspects of myself, I rejected subconsciously before. Ma Archana is a person you can trust by the heart. She feels and sees things, usually not accessible and shares it with you for your own benefit. She´s connected to a deeper source of wisdom. Through the reading I experienced a very intense but also sensitive impact on myself – even after – it was like an initiation. I went through a lot of transformational processes and learned a lot about my path, purpose and how I can serve and benefit others.”
Kristina Peters, Psychologist, Germany

Amazing Results

“Professional, clean, the people speak English well. I had a 45min Chakra Healing Massage which finished with a reiki session and debrief. I’ve been looking to go somewhere for reiki since moving to Jakarta in January. So glad I found this little Gem. Have left them a great Google review too. Thank you!”
Tania James, ECE Educator, Australia

More than Deep Healing Experience

“My Kati Basti & Shirodhara experience with L’Ayurveda was not only deeply healing but it was also a spiritual experience. From the beginning to the end I felt profound relaxation, warmth, and compassion. Spirituality is about relieving the suffering of others. Pak Suandara (L’Ayurveda’s masseur) is the embodiment of a spiritual person as he is able to bring relief to another’s suffering through his hands, presence, and voice. I cannot be more thankful to this experience and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to heal themselves on more than a physical level”
Michelle M.S., Model, USA

Incredible Soul Reading

“The energy soul reading with Maya was incredible. It was both moving & cleansing. She absolutely saw an accurate representation of my life. Amazing! The janu basti felt wonderful + so relaxing. I am hoping it helps some of my knee pain”
Yvonne Oliveira, Speech-Language Pathologist, Canada

I Am So Relaxed!

“Very good meditation session, I feel so much more relaxed now… It is amazing!
The massage was also great and the oil felt really good. I am so relaxed now and feel zero stress. Thank you so much!”
Matthew Lepre, Online Bussiness Owner, Australia

Interesting Experience

“Went to learn 1 on 1 meditation & yoga with the instructor there to learn how to deal with stress and be taught the real meaning of happiness. It far exceeded my expectation and would recommend to anyone looking for a real change in there life. Thank you so much you have been a real eye opener and something that I will practice everyday.”
Alex Tarnicki, Australia

A Highlight of My Stay in Bali

“Extremely enjoyable relaxing all over massage. Left feeting revitalized + refreshed. Would highly recommend for any visitor to Bali. Has been a highlight of my stay in Bali.”
Greg Smith, Engineer, New Zealand

Highly Enjoyed It!

“I read the other comments and have to say L’ Ayurveda was well worth a visit! Felt very welcomed and liked the fact that someone wanted to know a bit more about my health before starting to massage me. The treatment itself was very nurturing, soothing and relaxing. Felt that everyone took their time with me which was lovely; such a treat! I’m looking forward to regular treatments and can’t wait to explore more about the healthy snacks, essential oils, teas, books etc that are on offer.”
Susan Po, UK

Love This Place

“Great place. Nice energy. Very friendly and helpful. I will definitely come back. Received such great advices on how to adjust my daily routine to feel less tired and balance my energies. Also learned great techniques on how to calm my mind too and simply start enjoying my life.”
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