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WUJUDKAN RESOLUSI 2015 ANDA BERSAMA L’AYURVEDA! Berbagai program menarik di awal tahun 2015 telah kami siapkan untuk tranformasi diri Anda, mewujudkan resolusi-resolusi Anda: Minggu, 18 Januari 2015 Pk. 14.00-15.00 WIB Tempat: L’Ayurveda Jakarta TIBETAN SINGING BOWL Program Program meditasi menggunakan

Online Tarot Counselling

Analyze yourself with the help of Tarot Cards. This method does not foretell your future, but it is able to determine the need and to identify disruptions in the flow of your life energy. For those who cannot make your visit to L'Ayurveda, we provide you with an Tarot Counselling via e-mail. Register Now.


After so many years I wrestled in business and problems in my family life, I decided to come to L'Ayurveda and "Yes!" The result was GREAT. I feel now I am a different person who has a bright new day. - Mariani, General Manager in packaging industry -