Getting Closer with Maya Muchtar (Archana)

Acharya (Yoga Teacher in the Ancient Tradition) Archanā, or known as Maya Safira Muchtar, who is the Director of L’Ayurveda (center for wellness), has dedicated her life to Journey into Self and dissemination of promoting health and inner beauty through Ayurveda and Yoga for the last 16 years. She has the special gift of awakening hope in suffering hearts and minds and communicating directly with one’s Soul.

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"Excellent experience"
Went to learn 1 on 1 meditation & yoga with the instructor there to learn how to deal with stress and be taught the real meaning of happiness. It far exceeded my expectation and would recommend to anyone looking for a real change in there life. Thank you so much Fera has been a real eye opener and something that I will practice everyday
- Alex Tarnicki, Australia-




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