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The demand for well-trained Mind Management Therapist has never been higher.

In this fast moving paced world where everything is about deadlines, competing, rush hours, financial stress, finding a balance between the demands of home and work life, and a lack of time spent for yourself (mirror.co.uk) a lot of people need to learn how to manage their mind so that they can overcome their stress and even deep-rooted fears. Helping clients to discover that they can overcome it brings a lot of satisfaction to therapists, while also providing a good income and lifestyle.

Join the course and discover how the mind works as explained in the Yogic tradition since 5000 years.

What does this program offer?

Training by a skilled Practitioner

Maya Safira Muchtar (Archanā) is a Yoga Master (Acharya), that has over 15 years of experience in the knowledge of Yoga and Meditation. She is also an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor. A certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and also coined a new school of Hypnotherapy called Ayur (Life) Hypnotherapy and also the director of L’Ayurveda, centre for wellbeing and holistic care.

Fera Yudiastuti is a mental-emotional Therapist and a Reiki Therapist who is also the Manager of L’Ayurveda branch in Bali.

Detailed Instruction

This course covers an introduction to how the mind works, the technical know how to handle the mental-emotional layer of conciousness, speedy relaxation techniques, mind detox, manage stress, overcome fears and anxieties, plus how to incorporate the techniques in your field of work as a yoga instructor, coach, healer, hypnotherapist, counselor, or even as a lay person.

This course is a 2 days course Sat-Sun, 23-24 January 2016 from 09:30-16:00. Lunch and coffee breaks are included. A book on the principle of the mind and course material will be provided.
Investment: IDR5.000.000 / IDR4.500.000 (for KTP holders)

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