Ayur Corporate Yoga & Wellness

Would you like your employees to be more engaged and committed in their work?

Here we are, L’Ayurveda goes to offices!

Meeting deadlines, responsibilities and thriving in performance can really take it’s toll. Stress is the main cause of low absenteeism and also low morale at work. Through our Yoga and Wellness approach, employees can understand that Yoga is not just for mere physical exercise. But it is a science for total well being. It teaches skills for self management.

Research have proven that yoga and wellness programs given in the workplace shows:

  • higher focus and being more alert
  • boosts morale and low abseenteism
  • more productive and more stamina
  • better stress management therefore better rapport with co-workers
  • more committed to work
  • happier working environment
  • and many more

L’Ayurveda also offers:

  1. Ayur Yoga goes to Office – techniques of postures and breath work for better stamina, concentration and better working environment
  2. Great Born Leaders – a wonderful series of workshops for leaders with great tasks and stressful work place and transform it to better team works for the employees
  3. Hypnotherapy for HRDs – this hypnotherapy certification is dedicated for HRDs who counsel their staff
  4. Joy at Work – a humorous and relaxing workshop to make a strong bonding and also creating a more harmonious work place through our Laughter Yoga

We do tailor made workshops according to the needs of the companies. To get more information please contact info@layurveda.com