Therapies for the Soul

  • Aura & Energy Scanning 

    An hour counseling session with Maya Muchtar (Archanã), where she will guide you to meditation, find the roots and solution of your problems, your life path, energy blockages, and your soul mission.

  • Neo Vastu Feng Shui Counseling

    Analyzing your living quarter and business in order to identify, enhance and improve your energy flow for maintaining your holistic health condition, well-being and harmony with nature.

  • Numerology of Life Path

    Realize your life path! Numbers are the universal language offered by the Nature to humans as confirmation of the truth. Your number represents the traits and talents that you were born with and the probable journey you will take during your lifetime.

  • Online Tarot Counseling

    Analyze yourself with the help of Tarot Cards. This method does not foretell your future, but it is able to determine the need and to identify disruptions in the flow of your life energy. For those who cannot make your visit to L’Ayurveda, we provide you with an Tarot Counselling via e-mail. Click here to fill in the Online Counselling Request Form

  • Past Life Regression

    For people with high sense of adventure and imagination who are curious about their past life.

  • Neo Zen Reiki Attunement

    A relaxation technique to help overcome stress in a matter of minutes. This program will put your energy patterns in harmony with that of the nature, which will turn you into a Neo Zen Reiki Practitioner.

L’Ayurveda respects our clients’ valuable time and ours. Hence if clients late to show up for appointment for more than 20 minutes, the appointment is automatically considered as cancelled.
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