Therapies for the Mind & Energy

  • Suprabhatam Yoga

    A Good Morning Yoga for 30 minutes to uplift your energy and as a starting point to create your beautiful day.
    Bilingual: Tuesday-Friday at 8.00-8.30 a.m

  • AIM-Yoga

    Ananda’s Integral Meditative Yoga, a combination of Meditation and Yoga which is proper to be practiced by all, beginners to experts, kids to above 80 years old.
    English: Friday at 4.00-5.00 p.m.
    Indonesia: Saturday at 4.00-5.00 p.m.

  • Neo Kundalini Yoga

    Kundalini Yoga is a special type of yogic exercise aimed to balance energy centers (chakras) within one’s body so that the body, mind and soul are always in harmony with nature.
    English: Sunday at 4.00-5.00 p.m.

  • Yoga for Kids

    Expose the inner beauty of your children’s soul with this specially designed yoga program for kids to increase their memory span, concentration, intelligence and even to teach them universal values of life.
    Bilingual: Sunday at 9.00-10.00 a.m.

  • Yoga for Beauty

    Dedicated to those who love to access & enhance the inner beauty, eradiate an aura of beauty, and share this beauty to others.
    English: Saturday at 9.30-10.30 a.m.
    Indonesia: Thursday at 5.30-6.30 p.m.

  • Speedy Relaxation Techniques

    A relaxation technique to help overcome stress in a matter of minutes

  • Speedy Emotion Culturing Techniques

    Overcome emotional imbalance such as, anxieties, tensions, and worries with this gentle exercise by dealing with our emotional/mental layers of consciousness. This exercise helps to overcome insomnia.

  • Therapy to Free Anxiety

    A dynamic therapy to free you from stress, anxieties, worries, and restlessness.

  • Sight Culturing

    This therapy helps correct sights and improve the vision in looking at life’s problems, improve the natural capacity to think in pictures and the ability to create images. This therapy also helps to prevent eye disorders.

  • Mind Culturing

    Culturing the mind helps prevent the mind to go “wild” and “astray”, which is the very root of anxieties and worries.

  • Ayur Hypnotherapy

    A very efficient technique to rid off bad habits and solve many other problems.

  • Neo Tibetan Energy Tapping

    Free yourself from pain, fear, addictions and bad habits through a modified technique of Tibetan energy healing. This therapy works from the layers of energy and also through acupressure points, as well as sound.

  • Neo Crystal Color Therapy

    This ancient treatment balances your chakras (centers of energy in your psychic body). Followed by reflexology and crystal healing.

  • Neo Zen Reiki Touch Therapy

    For healing your body, mind and soul by removing energy blockages and experiencing deep relaxation-combined with crystal and aromatherapy.

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